Corsica at a Glance


Corsica at a Glance

Corsica is located 170km from the south of continental France and 90km west of Italy.
The northern coast of Sardinia (visible on the map) is just 12km south from Corsica.

Who should go

Those who enjoy off the beaten path destinations, walking, hiking and virtually all outdoor activities.


Sensational mountain scenery, some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, history, unique architecture, delicious cuisine.


Corsica is a mountain range in the Mediterranean ocean. The island is only 183km (114 miles) long from top to bottom and 84km (52 miles) at its widest point, roughly the size of Puerto Rico. Despite its small size the island has an unbelievable variety of landscapes, from lush mountains with snow capped peaks, to forests, glacial lakes and fabulous beaches with crystal clear, turquoise waters. The waters in Corsica are among the least spoiled in the Mediterranean.

Best Time to Go

It’s always a good time to visit Corsica. For most travelers, Spring and Fall provide the most pleasant weather for outdoor activities.

Room rates are priced as follows: Low Season usually runs from October through April, Mid Season: May and June, Peak Season: July and August.

Outdoor Activities

Corsica offers an abundance of land and water sports from rock-climbing to kayaking. Hikers can often explore the island while enjoying simultaneous ocean and mountains views.

In addition to its beaches there are numerous waterfalls, lakes, rivers and natural pools of water in the interior of the island as well.
Springs of cool mountain water, safe for drinking, can be found throughout the island, making it an ideal destination for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.


The official language on the island is French. English is spoken primarily at the airports, tourist offices and coastal resorts.
Corsican or Corsu, a Latin-based tongue similar to Italian, is also used by the locals and many Corsicans speak fluent Italian.
You don’t need to speak French to get around but it would’t hurt to learn some basic French phrases to enhance your travel experience.
Corsicans are warm and friendly people, often willing to help tourists.


The Euro. Corsica is a department of France.

Time Zone

Corsica has the same time as Paris. (6 hours ahead of New York, 1 hour ahead of London).

Corsica’s name in French


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