Corsica Travel Books


Corsica Travel Books

This is a excellent starting point to quickly survey all of Corsica through beautifully illustrated glossy pages covering history, landscape, architecture, music, culture and much more, followed by area-by-area descriptions of the island. A Travellers’ Needs section is truly a guide within a guide with information on where to stay, where to eat, shopping, entertainment and outdoor activities and a Survival Guide that includes practical information on banking, communications and travel.

With this guide and at least one of the two listed below you’ll be well equipped for your trip. I still consult this easy to read and handy guide when I want to find information quickly.

An essential resource with something for all: beach goers, outdoor enthusiasts, culture seekers, sightseers and nature lovers.
Printed in two colors with helpful highlighted text boxes and easy to read detailed maps, the rough guide lists every range of accommodations from campsites to high-end hotels and includes numerous outdoor activities from magnificent coastal walks to an entire section, several pages long, devoted to the GR20, one of Europe’s most challenging long distance hikes. Includes background information on history, culture, wildlife, interesting anecdotes and a language guide on the back.

A compact travel guide handy for traveling and more targeted to outdoor enthusiasts. This guide lists numerous campsites, budget and mid-range hotels and contains a good diving and rock-climbing section. Also features a day-by-day description for hiking the entire GR20 and other famous hikes. Includes a concise and thorough Getting Started guide, pre-planning information, itineraries, transportation, tips for those traveling with children and a language guide as well. Maps are a hard to read though. Thankfully the free Corsica maps provided by the Office of Tourism in Ajaccio are usually all you need to get around. For more detailed maps of the island see the next item below.

This map provides a detailed view of all main roads and routes on the island pointing out main attractions and places of interest and is made of durable, waterproof material so you can carry it wherever you go.

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