Corsica Hotels


Corsica Hotels

Accommodations in Corsica range from private furnished holiday apartments and villas to 4-star hotels. There are also more than 200 campgrounds located throughout the island many of them with restaurants, mini-super markets and even wi-fi connections. (We will explore those in a future post).

Note: Dates in France are quoted as “day/month/year” which makes it a bit confusing to read until you get used to it. For instance, “01/04 – 14/06” means “April 1st to June 14”.

Hotel Tax

In Corsica room taxes are low, usually .90 Euros per night, per person. For instance, if the rate per night at a hotel is 69 Euros, for 2 people the total cost would be 70.80 Euros per night.

The Official Tourist Website of Corsica provides information on a variety of accommodations including furnished apartments and holiday villages.

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