Club Med Villages in Corsica


Club Med Villages in Corsica

Despite the current buzz about Flashpacking, I suspect there are still many travelers who prefer to travel like regular tourists and there is nothing wrong with that. For this reason, today’s post is about Corsica’s Club Med villages.

For those who prefer the convenience of an all-inclusive holiday package, Club Med has a location in Cargèse, 34 miles (55km) north of Ajaccio and one in Sant’Ambroggio, about 9 miles (14.5km) west of Calvi on the north west side of the island. Considering the convenience of organized tours, an English-speaking staff and all-inclusive meals, Club Med is a good choice for first time visitors to Corsica.

Both clubs provide sea excursions to the Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site that can only be reached by boat. Corsica is a walker’s paradise and you can enjoy easy day walks, (or more challenging ones) either with a group or on your own, from either location.

Where Should I Stay?

That depends on your taste and what you plan to do. I have stayed at the one in Cargèse and have visited the Sant’Ambroggio village during the day so I’m familiar with both locations and their surrounding area.

The Sant’Ambroggio village is minutes away from the seaside resort of Calvi with its international airport and the Balagne region. It is also near Calenzana, a charming village and the starting place of the famous GR20 trail.

Sant’Ambroggio – France

Cons: The beach isn’t as nice as the one in Cargèse but you’re minutes away from several great beaches on the northern coast of Corsica, including Ile Rousse.

The Cargèse location sits on a secluded blue lagoon, next to a farm (the photos on the website don’t do justice to it) with its own Genoese tower. From here you can drive north to Piana and Porto, head south to Ajaccio or drive to the interior of the island and explore Corsica’s tallest peaks along the Niolo Valley on route D84.

Cargèse – France

You can’t go wrong with either location but the one in Cargèse sits in a remote area. I believe it’s great for families traveling with children or those who love nature and just want to relax on a beautiful beach. If you enjoy shops, cafes, nightlife and people watching you’ll probably prefer the Sant’Ambroggio location.

One option I recommend is to stay with Club Med for a few nights and enjoy the local sights then set off to another part of the island on your own via rental car. If you travel outside of peak season (July and August), you can usually find accommodations by checking with the local tourist offices located in every major town and village.

See my Day Trips for ideas an suggestions on where to visit.

Bus Tours

The highways in Corsica have many hairpin turns and the bus drivers in Corsica drive through them at uncomfortable high speeds. I took a Club Med bus excursion from Cargese to Bonifacio once and I was nauseous through the entire 3 ½ hour drive, each way. This is one reason why I recommend a rental car.


What matters most is not where you stay but how you view and experience the world around you. Today, I read a definition that really hits home: “Backpackers are on an information gathering mission…”.

That’s me. I want to soak it all up: the history, the culture, the people and the environment and I can do that wherever I go regardless of the size of my luggage or my choice of accommodation.

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